645 PRO is an iPhone camera app that can be set up to save a tiff file with no compression instead of—or addition to—the jpegs it makes with various film styles and whatnot. I made this picture this morning, while waiting to help a friend help a buddy move (that’s right… I helped a friend help a buddy move. that’s just the sort of person I am…) and the tiff did indeed have quite a bit more information to play with than the jpg, and I was able to pull some detail and color out that should’ve been lost forever.

The app features a great ‘night’ mode, that slows the shutter speed (thereby forcing the ISO down). I use this mode almost exclusively, and plan on trying to make some interesting, iPhone-based impressionist photography with it.

The app has quite a few fancy tricks up its sleeve, including a live histogram and the aforementioned film effects, but the tiff-file save is brilliant (though you have to download it through iTunes, as these files aren’t saved to the camera roll).

Here’s the jpeg that the app produced in addition to the tiff that became today’s 365 image. I used the H5 b/w film stock setting.365.122 645 PRO tiff test
In case you’re interested, 645 PRO is available on the App Store for $2.99, and it’s worth it: believe. Visit the developer’s website if you’d like to learn more, and no, I’m not in any way affiliated with jag.gr, I just really like this app: best camera-replacement app EVAR, pretty much.

In other news, I went to the (rather distant) local camera shop to play around with the X10 and X100 and G1x and P7000, as I have designs on getting a smaller ‘carry everywhere’ sort of camera, something more robust than the iPhone, but more discrete, smaller and quieter than the D7000. I was more impressed with two of them than I expected to be, found one to be about what I expected, and was rather less impressed than I expected to be with one of them. Can you guess which ones and why (hint: cost is not a determining factor). I didn’t return with a new camera today—and probably wouldn’t buy from them anyway, as the guy gave off a vibe that made me think he’d rather a daft amateur like me not buy anything from him or his employer: surely I mistook this, right?—and may or may not buy one any time soon, as the iPhone really is a decent camera, and I wasn’t impressed enough with any of the cameras I played with to part with the cash just now.

iPhone 4. 645 PRO app. ISO80, 1/129th, f2.8 (all determined by the app); tiff file processed with a rather heavy hand in Aperture.

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