Well… I tried, but I got about half a block from the apartment and realized that I was trying to practice my street photography in a rough-ish neighborhood where most everyone is mostly suspicious of most everyone else, which wouldn’t be so bad except it was just after school let out so the only people wandering the streets were little kids in school uniforms and creepers like me, so I came back home, fully intending to wait an hour or so and then go back out. After all, it’s more likely that there will be non-child people wandering the streets after 5pm or so. But 5pm is my dinner time, and who knows if I’d get a shot at all and then what would I do about my 365 for today and so I shot the kaleidoscope I got for my birthday a couple weeks ago. Thing is, I drove through downtown to get home today instead of skirting it like I always do, with the specific intent of pulling over, tossing a couple of quarters in the meter, and wandering around for an hour or so, but I just kept driving. And then I was going to stop in the sort of grungy club district (as opposed to the pretty club district on the other side of the highway), but there wasn’t anybody walking around, except for the attractive punk couple who were having a bit of a spat that I would’ve walked right past had I parked a couple of blocks ago like I planned but didn’t, and so I drove on home with the intent of walking, which, if you read all that, you’ll remember that I failed at, and so you get this picture of the Collier Kaleidoscope in action instead.

tl;dr—title should read “Kaleidoscopic Failure” I suppose.

And I will try again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, and again and again until I get some control over—and then let go of—my fears.

D7000. Vivitar 70-210mm f/3.5 Series 1 (Kiron), reversed and in macro mode (fyi: it makes no difference that I could tell). ISO100, 8 seconds, f/8.

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