This is my first real attempt at a street photograph.

I’ve been wanting to try some street shooting in hopes of using the long walks and (weak) interactions with strangers to help me get over some of my fears and get a bit of exercise. Today, I succeeded, partly.

I walked down Gaston to Munger, up past Swiss, back down Sycamore to Moreland, to Swiss, and back to the apartment via the Annex side. I studiously avoided shooting the mostly downtrodden cast of characters I passed, but did snap this no-look shot—held the camera up to the middle of my chest and snap!—on the first leg of the walk.

FYI: if you’re ever in Old East Dallas, and have a hankering’ for some good fried chicken, don’t hesitate to pop in to the Chicken House. Be sure to get a fried pie to go along with your chicken and okra: they’re fried in the same grease as the chicken, and take on a brilliant salty, chicken flavor… If I wasn’t vegetarian, I’d be walking over there right now…

So how did the D7000 perform? Well, it’s large, loud, and pretty obvious that it’s a camera. A guy told me to “watch out that you don’t get that camera stolen walking around here” from 25 feet away… Otherwise, it performed as well as it usually does, image quality wise, when combined with the 24mm ai.

So how well does this work as a street photograph? Not particularly well, but better than I expected. I can’t go back and reshoot it (though I can go out walking again, and plan to tomorrow), but I could change up the post processing a bit—if you can’t tell, I processed this with a rather heavy hand…

D7000. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai. ISO400, 1/800th (AP mode), f/8. Big push to contrast and definition, nudges to exposure, black point, brightness, vibrancy, saturation, and Idon’trememberwhatelse.

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  1. This shot sort of haunts me. The story of her life and how it feels to live it is all there.