After work, I strapped on the Zomb-E and headed straight for Bee Alley. I took around 40 shots, and this was the only one that had the whole bee in focus…

I wasn’t sure about anything (I rarely chimp, and focus is impossible to see clearly on the back of the camera in bright sun), so I walked around and shot flowers for awhile, and then came across another bee that practically posed for me… Out of 10 shots of that guy, 8 were tack sharp, but I liked this one better.

Today’s route: out the Annex side to the Bee Alley (a long stretch of Idon’tknowwhat vine/bush/whatever), down Swiss to Carroll, up Carroll to Sycamore, down to Fitzhugh to Swiss and back in the Grigsby side. All told, about 40 minutes.

I’m really glad that it’s cool enough to walk right after work. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to keep these up, but I’ll try. Walking after dinner is on my list of things to try doing, as sitting on the sofa and staring blankly at screens for an hour or two is sorta getting dull.

D7000. Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 Zomb-E Series. ISO400, 1/1000 (AP mode), f/8, -1EV. Mild post-processing: Exposure, Blacks +.25; Contrast, Saturation, Definition +.1.

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