Since I gave the Tokina such a nice long walk yesterday, I decided to treat the Zomb-E to walk around the near side of the rich part of old East Dallas, quite a bit farther than yesterday: up Swiss from Grigsby to Munger, back down Swiss to Annex, and back into the apartments via the other side. This was about a 35 minute walk, and distance-wise the farthest I’ve ventured away from home without a compelling reason or a buddy in many a long year.

I hope to go even further tomorrow.


Nearing home, I encountered a bunch of bees, and try as I might I couldn’t get a well-focused photo of one, largely due to how difficult it is to zone-focus by hand in ~3mm increments… Ditto with the squirrel I tried to capture, this time due to the difficulties associated with zone-focusing in 3mm increments at a distance of 20 feet…

The Zomb-E is not easy to work with, unless your subject stays relatively still, or you don’t mind soft focus.

Luckily, there are lots of flowers and trees in this part of town, and quite a variety of them as well.

This shot was a quick grab, with no real conscious composition or anything. I liked the multiple types of foliage going on, the various shades of green, and the bright blue sky, so I grabbed a single frame, and it ended up being the best non-flower picture I made today, and quite a bit prettier than many of those.

So it was win all the way around, and I know where to go for bees and will try them again tomorrow if the weather holds.

D7000. Zomb-E Series. IS0400, 1/2500, f/3.5, -1EV (pretty much necessary with the Zomb-E, otherwise it’s overexposure city). By the way, this is straight out of the camera, with only whatever RAW conversion Aperture performs by default: also win in my book.

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