(For those of you who haven’t seen the Antonioni film of the same title, this likely makes no sense.)

I’ve done a bit of film-shooting lately with the old Ricoh 35-ZF, and I took a roll of Ilford HP-5 400 film to be developed and scanned, and the nice people gave me a 4×6 version of a proof sheet: all the images printed out on a 4×6 sheet of paper, 7 shots per line, at something approaching 16x11mm.

I taped this proof sheet to something sturdy, reversed the 24mm f/2.8 on 104mm of extension tubes, and started looking…

Is that a body behind the bushes?

So this image began as a 35mm negative, was shrunk to less than half-size, printed, and shot at 8:1 reproduction ratio.

I had a tough time focusing, since the print is so incredibly grainy and blurry at these shrinkage/magnifications, and the first round of shots were marred by dust on the print: invisible to the naked eye, but massive and wildly textured on the screen. But I think this one came out fine, and at the 600×800 resolution I’m sharing this, perhaps you see what I see… if not, go watch “Blow Up” by Antonioni, and then come back and see what you see.


D7000, Nikon 24mm f/2.8, reversed on 104mm of extension tubes. ISO100, 3 seconds, f/2.8. Some slight alterations to exposure, saturation, contrast, definition, black point, and then a conversion to Black & White in Aperture.

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