I was having a ton of fun building little alien worlds and inventing nice/scary stories about them until I found that the lump of tree droppings I brought in was heavily populated by some tiny, white, grub-type things… I didn’t manage to get a photo of any, as the depth of field is too tiny and I’m stuck on a tripod and shooting multi-second shutter speeds until I build a macro flash diffuser thingy (hint: weekend project).

So I tossed it outside and got to playing with levels in Aperture a bit, and here we are.

D7000. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 AI, reversed and stacked on 104mm extension. ISO100, 8 seconds, f/8.

And does anyone have any idea what the dark band at the bottom is about? I’ve been getting this on quite a few (but not all) shots with this particular macro rig. It seems to happen most often when the lens is tilted forward beyond 10 degrees or so.

If you have any ideas, please to pass them on!

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