Got home a bit early today, and so I took the reversed 75-150 for a walk around the apartments. This is the best shot I got, though I was shooting more to test the performance characteristics of a reversed 75-150mm E Series in the wild than to make a competent photo.

I tried to take some pictures of clouds, but to my surprise, clouds are only about 3/4 of the way to infinity, and it was very difficult to focus on them at f/8 with the rather diffuse and low-contrast light about. If I was smart, I would’ve switched to the live view. Alas.

D7000. 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series, Reversed. ISO1600 (lemme go change that before I forget, again), 1/4000th (AP mode), f/8, -2ev (because the D7000 likes to overexpose in AP mode, especially with non-CPU and non-Nikkor lenses, though I probably could’ve gotten away with -1ev, since I just added in full stop of exposure in post…).

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