Question: Why is there a tilt-shift type effect going on here?

I’m probably going to take the 75-150mm E Series to the Arboretum for a meetup on Saturday, and I’m probably going to take it reversed, with ~30mm of extension tubes on the end as a sort of lens hood.

An interesting thing about reversing a zoom lens: you can focus to (with the 75-150) 1:1.5 at 16″ and you can also focus to infinity. But the depth of field is much narrower at all distances.

Anyway. I took this shot of the pool part of the fountain just to shoot something, and it was the last shot I took before I ran back inside.

Notice how the center is in relatively sharp focus, but the edges are beautifully soft.

Why is this?

Is it the curvature of the rear lens element? Is it something about the physics of light and reversing lenses? Is it something to do with the aperture (f/5.6 here: I was trying to shoot ants prior to this (with no success), and didn’t ever go back to 3.5)?

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts, or hit me up on the contact me page.

D7000. Nikon 75-150mm E Series, Reversed. ISO1600 (to give faster shutter speeds), 1/2000th (selected by the camera, AP mode), f/5.6.

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