A brilliant idea for the 365 shot popped into my about 7:50am. It stewed all day. At 4:15pm, it was finally time to shoot.

I set the D7000 up on the tripod, removed the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 that pretty much lives on the camera (when I’m not shooting macro 365 shots, which pretty much means I use the Siggy like a giant, expensive, heavy lens cap…), installed the 75-150mm E Series (reversed and stacked on 48mm of Extension tubes), and started lining things up.

Then I noticed the way the light was hitting the pins and the reflection of the pin heads in the plexiglas screen.

So the  early plan for the shot went right out the window…

Shame. That shot would’ve taken maybe 10 minutes. After all, I had all day to let the idea percolate.

This one took an hour and 10.

Oh well.

ISO400, 1/8th, f/3.5.

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