Well this camera was a waste of 99 cents. Jeez.

In one or two of the shots, I cranked down the effect, but I’ll dare you to find which one.


Oh. Wait. I found them…

Shots 16-20, second-to-the-last row on the bottom, and the last image in the third row up… the flower shots that are all the same, or roughly the same. 16 has the least amount of effect, 20 the most (obviously).

I like the border, I suppose, and the slight shadow on the inside of the frame, and I don’t mind the versions with no effect or even up to maybe 40% effect, maybe even half… any more than that, and this camera is utterly useless for my purposes.

You might find some use for it, maybe. And maybe I will as well. But I doubt I’ll be looking too hard… this camera is one to skip, unless, like me, you buy everything Synthetic puts out, or maybe you just like burning money. Sure, it’s only about a third of a cup of coffee, maybe a cheap bottle of water worth of cash, but it’s also a dollar to a worthy cause.

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