I was feeling a bit off after work today, so I decided to plop some Airborne and shoot the bubbles right quick.

I’m still playing with the extension tubes and macro reverse ring on the 75-150. Good times.

I need to stop down the aperture quite a bit: this was shot at 3.5, and the depth of field is a bit too narrow. The trick is going to be stopping down and still having enough light to focus by…

Also, the Series E suffers from an outrageous case of zoom creep (even with a double layer of packing tape on the zoom barrel), and since focusing only works by moving the lens back and forth (zooming in and out, with very fine adjustments seemingly possible via the usual focus adjustment), and with the fairly long exposures required, it’s going to be tricky.

Good thing I have 363 days left in the project, huh!

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