Petzval, part 1: unboxing

We interrupt our usually-scheduled programming to bring you a special event… Petzval Week episode one: the unboxing in which the author unboxes his new Lomography X Zenit Petzval 85mm f/2.2, serial number 131. Note: this will not be a review, really, nor will I get into the history of the Petzval lens or Lomography Corp.’s stunning Kickstarter […]

Photography workflow in Linux: darktable (part 4: the Zone System module)

The Zone System module is not quite as modular as the color correction module, and the precision is equally imprecise, but it’s a great deal of fun, nonetheless. I trust you have some idea about the Zone System. If not, go read up on it. The scroll wheel defines the number of zones, and you […]