In November 2022, Janko Bosch reached out to me and offered to send a copy of his new book/zine, Dressed. Most email I receive at this address is of the canned meat variety, and so it’s a thrill to receive actual comments from actual humans.

If you’re interested, here is my reply to Bosch:

Hey, Janko!

Thanks for reaching out! I picked and bought 99% of the books on my channel. A publisher reached out in 2020 and offered some review copies: I bought 2 of their 4 books myself, and they sent the other 2. Amateur and emerging photographers reached out one or two times, much as you have, and I bought their books or zines myself to preserve my journalistic integrity. 

As of about March, 2022, I’ve largely stopped buying photobooks. I still have unboxings filmed and scheduled well into July 2023,* and plan to revisit my earlier unboxings and update with flip-throughs (but haven’t started that project yet). I just sort of got burnt out on photography and now spend most of my free time trying (and failing) to make music…

I had a look at the book series, and appreciate the work. You’ve clearly established a process and style that works. That said, it’s not the sort of work I really collect (though I have some books in a similar vein). Apologies. I won’t be buying a copy, but if you want to send one feel free. I’ll unbox it on my channel and write a review on my blog, with links to your site on both (and a comment that the book was sent for review). 

My address: (redacted)

I like what you’re doing on your blog! Great stuff. I’ll dig a bit deeper and check back from time to time. 

Thanks again for reaching out!

Honestly, I forgot all about the book and when a book-shaped package from the Netherlands showed up, I had no idea what it was…

After spending some time with the book, I stand by my email: I appreciate the work, but it doesn’t really interest me. I’m far more interested in Bosch’s street work, see, for example, “A lizard walked beside me in the desert.” It’s the sort of work I make and like to look at, the hyper color and digital slickness works for me, and it sorta makes me wish I still had the Fuji X70. And while I have a passing interest in portraiture, Bosch’s move into the studio is somewhat less interesting, and I’m glad it works for him.

Some of the expressions, poses, makeup, and lighting appeal to me quite a bit, and I’m glad Bosch and his models felt free to pursue the images in what ever way they agreed; much of it sorta seems redundant, like I’ve seen it before, and I hope Bosch continues and progresses in his studio work. Again: his street work is pleasant and attractive, and I hope he finds ways to bring his street vision into the studio.

One image—an item of lingerie, a leopard print coat, and a hat, hanging from a nightstand with an apple box in the background—is probably my favorite in the book, as it suggests more than it shows. The rest of the work, for me, is more or less the opposite, and ymmv.


Thanks to Bosch for reaching out and sending me a copy of Dressed. I hope my comments are received in the spirit in which they’re intended. His website is worth checking out, and it looks like most of his projects are available in book or zine form from his publishing imprint, Zoink by Zaptronic, which is also worth checking out.

Again: Bosch sent me Dressed. In return, I promised an unboxing and review. I don’t do this often… but I recently claimed that “I’m not a shill.” Maybe I should reconsider? This is clearly a paid post: I received payment, after all. Sure, it came in the form of a softcover book that I wouldn’t have paid for, but it’s still payment.

*In December, 2022, I reorganized my YouTube schedule and now have videos scheduled well into 2024… And in March, 2024, Google deleted my YouTube channel, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

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