A month or two ago, before we went back into virtual lockdown due to the Covid 19 Delta variant, my darling, adorable wife and I made a visit to the Botanical Research Institute of Texas and the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. I shot two cameras: the Olympus OM10 with a 50mm and +4 macro filter (some images were included in the Not Ninagawa post), and the Olympus XA.

The XA is a great camera that I don’t shoot near enough and should probably sell. Of the 38 pictures I eked out of the roll, I’m sharing only 6, and only because I needed a film post for today, and because I sort like these lego sculptures by Sean Kennedy.

Good, fun stuff, and they looked much better in person…

Sadly, the exhibit ended on August 1. If you’d like to check out some of his interesting work with Legos, he has a website, and it looks like I missed a few, or maybe the Fort Worth Botanical Garden didn’t have room for, or didn’t show them all… We walked all over, but I didn’t start focusing on them until I’d passed a few (and had to back track to fetch the woodpecker and the bird feeder). Anyway. I love a good Lego sculpture. Good times.

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