Well, so much for best intentions… I started this roll of LomoChrome Purple to test the 35mm square mask about a week before the Minuta Stereo Kickstarter ended, and finished it… well, the week after the Kickstarter ended.

So apologies to Dominick, and anyone who missed the Kickstarter and that would’ve been swayed by my purple pics, but better late than never, I guess.

To be perfectly honest, I had some issues with this roll. First off: I used it (over and over again) during my failed attempts to make a video about the Minuta Stereo. I loaded and wound and made exposures, turned the camera off, tried to make a video, failed; rewound, unloaded, started filming, loaded, wound, exposed, etc. multiple times, but no joy.

Here’s what that looks like, from the Minuta Stereo’s perspective:


The “first of the roll” (on the left) is the right eye image of the second attempt; the image in the center is the left eye of the first attempt; the third image is the left eye of the second attempt… Seems like I got a better exposure the second time, some several days later. Oh well.

I blame my failure with the video aspect for my lackadaisical approach to shooting this roll, but still.

Also, while doing all this set up/film/tear down/cry/set up dance, I managed, for my second error, to install the clicker incorrectly,* and so for much of the roll I just guessed at how far to wind each time.


Ooo! In my massage of these files in CaptureOne, I missed the fact that I mostly got a stereo selfie! Hi, me!


Nice. And I even had a tripod rocking for it. GoGo. Tripods are important when using pinholes… and making stereo images.

Of course, and for my third error, I shot about half of the usable, not multiply exposed, frames handheld. I’d be more upset at myself if they hadn’t ended up being so fun to play with.

This one, for example, looks almost like something that could’ve been in American Roulette or something… Fun fun fun.


I remembered the tripod on a couple of other occasions, but they weren’t nearly as fun…

As always, though, playing with stereo images really is a good time.

With the stereophotomaker app, run through Wineskin on my Mac, I made this nice color anaglyph…

and this thing the app calls a “Sharp 3D LCD,” whatever that is.


Really and truly, though, if not for some of my errors, I wouldn’t have come up with my favorite gif… maybe my favorite from the Minuta Stereo so far.


Fun times.

The Minuta Stereo Kickstarter was successful, and Dominick is working on constructing the cameras, with the new and improved design, as I write. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, I expect he’ll want to start manufacturing and selling some after fulfilling the rewards, and you can sign up for the mailing list at the Minuta Stereo website, and maybe you can have some fun with stereo images too!

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