Is there any difference between Polaroid 600 and iType, well, beyond the battery? Inquiring mind (mine) was mildly curious and I have two really fine, best of class Polaroid cameras on hand (the Mint SLR670-s and the Polaroid OneStep+), so I loaded up a couple of packs and got to shooting.

Any difference between iType and 600? Time may tell…
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Originally tweeted by James Cockroft (@jam_esc) on 14 Mar 2021.

Now. As Jason Self helpfully pointed out, if I really wanted to know, I’d shoot both with the same camera, but then I wouldn’t have similar frames, shot at very similar times, under very similar conditions, to compare.

And, anyway, this was just meant to be fun. There’s nothing scientific about it, well, except the chemistry and technology in the materials themselves…

So: the flowering cherry tree in the front yard… I shot both cameras in Auto mode. The OneStep+ handled it fine, if maybe slightly underexposed. Given the huge numbers of overexposed frames I’ve gotten out of the Mint SLR670-S, I think there’s a problem with either the Time Machine itself, or with the connection between it and the camera. Every time I used the A600 auto mode (for 600 film), the shots came out wildly overexposed, as in the left hand image, below. More wildly expensive testing ahead… Woo.

Not much else to say, really. Except that I love the Polaroid app. Full manual control, a helpful exposure meter, via a bluetooth connection… I’ll be keeping the OneStep+ and shooting more iType, for sure.

Again, the shot from the Mint SLR670-s is on the left; the OneStep+ is on the right. And, again, I believe this was A600 mode on the Mint, but remote triggered on the OneStep+, following the meter in the app.

Really, though, I like some of the results from the overexposed 600 film. They’re a bit dreamy and indistinct in a way that suits Polaroid… That said, in almost all cases, I prefer the results from the OneStep+.

I “bought” the OneStep+ with points from the Bravo! performance-encouragement program with my employers, so it was mostly free (I paid taxes on the “income” on the points).

And I bought the Mint SLR670-s with hard earned, actual dollars. I had my eye on them for years, and only jumped on one now that I’m completely debt free and watching more money come in than goes out.

I’m very hopeful to get used to the camera, to get used to reading light, and get more comfortable making good exposures. The SX-70 cameras are far and away the sexiest Polaroids, and to have one fully refurbished and more or less guaranteed (for 3 years, anyway) is a treat and a privilege.

Now let me take advantage of it and use it.

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