“Choosing & Losing” is a new zine series from John Whitmore. I discovered it thanks to Twitter, and I got in on the ground floor, jumping in with a “Print is Not Dead” subscription: £20 + shipping (to the US it’s another £20) for four quarterly zines, plus a newsletter and some other perks.

Due to a software bug, I ended up getting a perk from the next level up—100% off of one of his fine art prints—and scored a very nice print as well. Woot! I’m glad to help Whitmore discover bugs in his process, and equally happy to have the print. It’s going to look nice added to my fledgling, largely unframed, print wall.

If you’ve come looking for a review, apologies. I tried and tried to write something about this, but only came up short. Normally, I’d shelve the review for a later date, but want to support Whitmore and give whatever exposure I can. So. For now, please enjoy this unboxing video:


If you rely on my reviews and ratings for your purchase decisions, apologies. I honestly tried to write a review of this zine, but just couldn’t. Getting in early, as I have, I very much look forward to seeing what the next three issues of “Choosing & Losing” bring. Whitmore is a solid photographer, and worth checking out, for sure. So if you have a few bucks to spare, go throw Whitmore some support.We all need all the encouragement we can get.

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