After taking, what, 4 months to shoot a roll for Worldwide Pinhole Day earlier this year, and my second or third day in Arkansas, I set the gates on the Zero Image to 6×9, loaded up a roll of Lomochrome Metropolis, and actually managed to shoot through the whole roll…

I’d like to say that this flurry of activity (8 frames in 4 days: go go speed demon! smh) means that the fog is lifting, but, well, it’s early October and we’re still social distancing and staying away from pretty much everything and everyone, just trying to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic. So, short answer, this isolation has become the new normal, and while I’m starting to function again, I’m really getting sick of it.

But that’s not what this post is about: today, we’re pinholing in Arkansas!*

I shot a few frames off Mom’s deck. I’d share more, but they all look pretty much the same…

I took it to the lake:

Hummm… I thought I moved the camera some between frames, but I guess not. Oh well.

I took the last shot out the front window of the car as I sped home down some lonely highway in Oklahoma: I think this is probably 271, southbound, between, say, Wister and Talhina.

But the piece d’resistance, the best of 8, one of the best I’ve shot with the Zero Image, I think, was, I believe, an accidental double exposure made in a creek at Withrow Springs State Park, where Mom and I ate a nice picnic lunch of too much fried catfish and fixins from Granny’s in Huntsville. A walking stick joined us for a bit, and I was too busy watching it cruise around that I didn’t take a picture… Oh well. I got this fabulous thing anyway:

This might just be one picture, really… the Zero Image was balanced on a rock in the middle of a stream, it was pointing sorta into the sun, and there was a kind of clearing between the trees that followed the creek as it curved around to the right… still. It looks too good for that, like there needed to be some sort of trickery or something.

All in all, good times, and I need to get back up there sometime. The trip up and back was fairly easy: as a male, restroom stops are easy enough; everyone I got within 10 feet of was masked and behind a plexiglass barrier; I went through about 80 antibacterial alcohol wipes, maniacally cleaning my hands, the door handle, steering wheel, anything I touched, including the antibacterial wipe box/bag thing, every time I got into the car.

All in all, good times, more or less, and I shot film in 4 or 5 cameras, so look forward to more shots from Arkansas in the coming weeks.

*That sounds kinda dirty, somehow.

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