Congratulations to my darling, adorable wife, the amazing Hanabibti, who recently completed her Master’s degree in Social Work! No longer is she simply Hanabibti, not that she was ever simply anything, but she is now

Hanabibti. Master of Social Work!

Or, maybe, Mistress of Social Work?


My brother- and sister-in-law threw a nice party for her, and I took the new LC-A120 along. I missed focus a few times, and was surprised at the long exposure times it measured, even with 800 film, but I managed to hold things pretty steady, for the most part.

It’s definitely an LC-A, and I’ll have more to say on it another time. For now, let’s all just wish my darling wife the best for the future, and congratulate her on this wonderful accomplishment!

It’s been a tough few years for her, but she’s done with school (for now, at least) and in a few months, InshaAllah she’ll transform into Hanabibit, Licensed Master of Social Work and be off to some fun adventures!

GoGo Hanabibti!

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