In late 2017, Edward Conde got stuck in an airport terminal for seven hours and he made the best of it, shooting a Lomography LC-A 120 camera as he walked around.

The terminal is mostly empty, and the photographs feature, in general, one distant figure in a large, generic airport space, a mass of empty chairs, some exposed structural supports and big windows. He walks up and down the terminal, headphones in his ears, photographing. He stops for a sandwich, maybe, walks some more, and finally, it was time to get on the plane and finally make his way home.

The pictures capture the interminable waiting, the solitude of walking or sitting around an airport, headphones stuffed in your ears, all alone with your thoughts, maybe a camera, and nothing to do but wait (or photograph), walk up and down, maybe eat something, walk some more, and finally make your way home.

It’s a great little zine.


You can and should get a copy, print on demand from MagCloud, and view the images at Conde’s website, and for more on ‘Layover,’ Conde was interviewed on and the Studio C-41 podcast, and at time of writing, his Instagram is full of “panoramic” photos from a Nikon AF600,* and is some good times, totally worth a follow.

*The AF600 has a little switch that masks off the top and bottom of a 35mm frame to create a 12.3 x 36mm frame (instead of 24 x 36). Good times, if a bit wasteful.

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