Emulsive’s Film Parties follow a fairly regular schedule: shoot in the first full week of the month, develop in the second, and share in the third, and the #PortraParties are no exception,

Oh well. Better late than never, I guess.

I got started on time, with the Nikon FM3a and 50mm f/1.8 E Series. We had some rain for the first time in months, and I took a lovely drive in it.

Then got a nice, streaking taillights shot out the front windows, handheld even.

(As you can see, I had some struggle with color correction in my dslr scans. You’d think I would have it down by now, but nope. Oh well.)

I took some pictures of my darling, adorable wife’s bunny “Pebbles.”*

And then I finished off the roll, late in the week, experimenting, trying to sort of take some inspiration from Marilyn Minter’s paintings and photographs, but instead of photoshop and interns, doing it all in-camera, on film…

I didn’t quite make it, but there’s something here, I think. I may experiment more, and may talk more about it later, but if you made it this far, I’d love some comments.

One more #PortraParty to go… maybe I’ll get it right in October. And if you want to participate, as a reminder to myself first, grab a roll of Kodak Portra, any size, any flavor, and shoot it between October 1-7, develop and scan it between  October 8-14, and share on Twitter October 15-21.

*”Pebbles” the bunny got his name from our nephew Daniyal. When asked, over the phone, what the bunny’s name should be, he shouted “Shampoo!” “Shampoo?” his mother asked, “but he’s a bunny. Here, look!” She showed him a picture of the bunny, in his cage, which, as you might imagine, had some larger or smaller quantity of rabbit poo littering the floor. “Pebbles!” Daniyal cried. And *poof* the bunny’s name became “Pebbles.”

I’ll leave you to draw any inferences there.

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