Alhamdulillah, this Eid al Fitr has been a day of feasting and fellowship, with plenty of pauses to worship… or is that backwards? Maybe it’s been a day of worship, with some pauses for feasting and fellowship? Or maybe the prayer and the supplication and the feasting and the fellowship is all worship?

Alhamdulillah, it’s been a good day.

After the 7am Eid prayer and sermon, my darling, adorable wife and I spent a bit of quality time together at home, then went and enjoyed some time with family, and wrapped up the morning with some visits to various neighbor’s houses. I took a break to scan these before the Friday prayers, then visited my Brother-in-Law and family for a bit, and spent the afternoon relaxing.

InshaAllah I’ll spend the rest of the evening getting ready to crank back up on the fasting… 6 days of Shawwal* ahead, and then InshaAllah some Monday/Thursday action as long as I can keep doing it for Allah azza wa jall. I have an invitation for dinner, but it’s a late one, and I’m too much interested in fasting tomorrow to go for a late, big, probably somewhat rich and heavy dinner tonight.

May Allah forgive me and reward the neighbors for all their generosity, and may Allah accept from me and from everyone else.

As you can see from the first two photos, I had some issues with frames 6 and 7 from that pack of iType. They stuck together in the camera, I guess. I had to go into my mother-in-law’s pantry and open the camera up and yank them out. Miraculously, the last frame from that pack came out fine.

Both packs are suspiciously yellow, as you can see. My shirt, for example is white. InshaAllah, I’m going to shoot through the Polaroid stock that I have ASAP. I don’t think this stuff keeps very well, for very long. Oh well, it’s still fun to shoot, and the results are ok. I still prefer my Impulse SE to the One Step 2, but the One Step 2 gets more love from the neighbors…

*Actually, due to a prior obligation, I won’t be fasting the 7th of Shawwal (what would be the 6th day after Eid), so InshaAllah I’ll do 5 days of Shawwal, then start up Monday/Thursday, and may Allah accept it from me.

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