Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Or, everyone in the U.S., anyway.


This year, as you gather with family and friends to watch parades and/or football, gorge yourself on way too much food, nod out to a nice tryptophan high, and do it all over again for dinner, take some time to give thanks to the One who created all of that, the One who made you, your friends and family, all the people in the parade, all the animals and plants you cooked and/or consumed, the timber or stone the house was made of, your senses of sight, smell, texture, and test, all of them so important to enjoying the holiday, the changing seasons, all of it, everything and everyone that exists, existed, and will exist. All praise and thanks belong always and only to Allah, the Creator, Provider, Sustainer of all of us. Alhamdulillah.

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