In twenty seven, twenty eight, Dylan Barnes documents the last half of his 27th year and the first half of his 28th, a transformative period for him, like many of us. A simple introduction describes the project better than I can:

These images were created between January and December of 2016, a time that encapsulates my last six months of being twenty seven and the first six months of being twenty eight years old.

This work stands as a personal visual record and reflection of a time where unexpected, tragic, and transformative circumstances, both direct and indirect, made me become more aware of my interrelationship with others through ambivalence, loss, and despondency.

A wedding, a vacation, a trip home, laying in the arms of a significant other, visiting friends and family, hospital, death, laying awake at night next to the significant other,  the mixture of color and black & white photographs tell a lyric and poignant story. It’s one we all go through, I think, in our own ways, and I wish I had enough photographs of various periods in my life to produce similar bodies of work, but I studiously avoided cameras for the better part of two decades, so there are some big gaps. I hope Barnes keeps going with his, and hope he has a few years of relative peace.

At time of writing, copies remain available. I have #27 of 50, and received it a couple of weeks ago, so the zine is selling a bit slowly, it seems. Shame, really.

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