Better late than never, I guess, but I finally finished the two packs of black & white instant media, so here we go with:

Polaroid Originals (new) Black & White iType vs. Instax Monochrome

tl;dr, and tl;dr enough that I didn’t even write anything… It’s horses for courses, as they say. I did note some splotchiness with the Polaroid Originals.

So. First some selfies:

And now some random stuff. (I realize now that I shot these two packs sort of willy-nilly. Expensive snapshots, I guess. Oh well.)

Did I mention splotchiness? I thought so… I’m not sure what it is, but I noticed it in many iType frames. Feature? Bug? Allahu Alim.

And let’s end with some throwaway shots of (part of) my camera collection.

So that’s it for this #PolaroidWeek. The next one should roll around again in 6 months or so, so get your instant media ready!

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