David Allen, of The Insolite fame, has some prints up for sale. I picked up a couple: Lake Quake and The mystical pool (r) and Lake Quake (l). Each one is a unique Instax Mini print of one of David’s great splitter/multiple exposure photographs. They make great additions to the desk, and keep me thinking about experimentation, voice, self discovery.

Not pictured, inside the envelope, David included a larger, hand-drawn version of The mystical pool that was a nice treat to find, just as I was about to throw out the envelope.

If you have a few bucks to spare, pick yourself up one or two. They’ll make a great addition (or start) to your print collection, and you’ll be supporting a talented, struggling artist. There are also copies of the Insolite still available. Do yourself a favor and pick one up: for my money, it’s one of the best zines of 2017, a difficult, frustrating, conceptual masterpiece.

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