After almost 6 years together, I took Hank, my beloved Golf, back to Volkswagon. He got caught up in dieselgate, and, given how much money they offered for him, I couldn’t really refuse, but I’m still sad to see him go.

I’ve already recounted the route we took for Hank’s last country drive. I have many more shots of his lasts—last commute, last right turn, last signal light, last parking spot, etc.—but some are on a roll that still in the camera, and others are awaiting some processing: God willing, I’ll do a full farewell soon. Hank was special to me, and I have a load of memories of good times with him, and he will be sorely missed: fast, fun, 40 mpg in the city, comfortable, just a great call all the way around.

If it was just me, I’d buy another Golf (a GTI, no question), but I’m a family man now… So it’s looking like an Alltrack in my future. Allahu Alim, and InshaAllah what ever I end up with will be good for me and my family.

But for now, I’m still sort of in mourning, as much as one can be for an inanimate object.

So long, Hank. Thanks for all the miles.

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