‘Tiny Plastic Box vol. 3’ is the third collection from Jon Wilkening’s pinhole 365. The images and the little volumes keep getting better and better.


Jon stuck with the same printer for volume 3 that he used for volume 2, and the quality remains stellar. There’s something different about the images, I think. Maybe I’m starting to see a progression of style or confidence or something. Or maybe it’s my imagination. I’ll have to go back and look at them all in sequence, I think, and I may just wait awhile and let it all coalesce at the end.

If you’re not picking these up as they come out, or didn’t subscribe to the whole package, go on over to Jon’s site and pick them up. It’s great to get a little surprise in the mail every 50ish days. I have just enough time to forget about it, and I get the thrill of an unexpected present every now and again.

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