Ramadan wrap up: what can I do?

If it’s not Eid, it must be the last day of Ramadan (at time of writing, I don’t know yet, and won’t for awhile). And if it’s the last day of Ramadan, I need an action plan for the next 11 months, to try and make sure I don’t slip into the same hard hearted, selfish, snack food devouring person that I was when Ramadan began…First off, I must continue performing the little, regular actions that Allah loves so much, and I must try to add little things from time to time. I need to make a bit more time for Quran, and should really start trying to learn Arabic so that I can really read Allah’s book and really gain something from the recitations during Salat. Standing in prayer now, I find it harder to concentrate when I’m unfamiliar with the ayat and surahs being recited.

Next up, I need to continue to fast. Not everyday, mind you, but sunnah style: Mondays and Thursdays and the three white days if I find them. There’s a Facebook group, started by one of the Softball brothers, that will help keep me encouraged, InshaAllah, and when I’m not fasting, if I stay off the coffee most of the time and stick to water most of the time, InshaAllah the fasting should remain relatively easy.

And last, but not least, I need to get out more, be more involved, get out from behind screens and get out in front of people and experience some real life. To do that, I need some rigorous exercise: if fasting softens my heart, InshaAllah, exercise softens the veins, gets the blood moving, and helps with my confidence, attention, empathy, manners. Too often, I’ve been out somewhere and just got the fear and been unable to act effectively. I’m just too fat, lazy and weak, and I must get better.

In short: I need to Pray, Fast, and avoid being a Jerk…

Kind an ongoing theme this month, huh.

What, if anything, do you have planned for the other 11 months to help you stay close or even grow closer to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala?

May Allah accept our fast, our prayers, and our charity this blessed month. May He bless us with many more Ramadans, and may He guide us to be better worshipers and better community members, Ameen.

Thanks for reading these, if you did, this month! I know it was a load to sift through. Any benefit you or I got from this came only from Allah azza wa jall, and any mistakes, errors, or bad came from me and whatever devils I’ve let come to live in my heart. May Allah forgive me for anything I’ve said without knowing, and may He guide me to be better in every possible way.

I’d love some feedback on these. Thanks in advance.

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