I agonized a bit over which camera(s) to bring along on this business trip, but realized that 1) I’m unlikely to have much time to shoot, and 2) if I take camera(s) out of the equation, I could fit everything I need for 2.5 days in the camera bag, this removing the need for an overhead spot or checked baggage, and 3) what better time to put Hipstamatic 301 through its paces?

So far, there are a couple of issues I’ve run into.

  1. If I switch to the classic camera and set it to shoot with no lens and no film, it remembers that in the pro camera until I quit it or it gets pushed out of memory. When I resume, it defaults to the Jane lens, Ina’s 1982 film combo.  It’s a fine combo, but I’d rather it let me shoot with the plain old camera and decide on lens & film later. 
  2. The lens (and some of the films) have sliders that allow you to choose strength, but a couple of these are off in a strange way. When you first select them, the slider appears to be at 100%.    But if you slide the slider a bit down, though, the effect increases dramatically.  If you slide the slider down to 50%, you get to the point you started at…  
  3. The save options are not clear: in settings, there are options for “Save as Copy for New Edits,” “Ask for New Edits,” “Always Ask,” and “Always Save as Version.” Save as Copy and Sace as Version both save those Apple sidecar files that the computer can’t read: so far the only way I’ve found to get it to save a new file is to select “Always Ask” and then select “Save a Copy.”

I hate havin go find workarounds for new apps, and especially for standard workflow operations in new versions of old apps. But despite that, I’m having a decent enough time with Hipstamatic 301.

Depending on opportunities to shoot and time in the evening, I’ll post some more before I get back home. And either way, I’ll be shooting with Hipstamatic only for the next few days, so InshaAllah I’ll have some more comments and pictures of dubious quality to share.

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