A couple of thoughts on Ramadan, after spending far too much time thinking about the silly parts of the world

Ramdan is expressly a month for worshiping God, for prayer (salat), rememberance (dhikr), and supplication (dua). He ordained fasting for us so that we might become Al Muttaqun, those people who are filled with taqwa, with piety and righteousness. 

At its best, the practice of self restraint in the month helps increase our patience, reminds us of the peace that comes from submission to Allah azza wa jall, and helps to center us and toughen our spirituality against the things we experience in the rest of the year.

During Ramadan, we pray more: there are group prayers long into the night; we gather together more:there are community dinners and break-fasts nightly, where you can sit with neighbors, friends, and strangers and eat a few dates and sip some water and give thanks to God for allowing us to complete another fast and to ask Him to accept our worship. 

During Ramadan, the whole pace of life realigns toward giving thanks to God and asking for His guidance and blessings. 

That’s what it’s meant to be. 

May Allah subhannahu wa ta’ala guide me to remember Him, and give thanks to Him, and worship Him in the best possible manner. Ameen. 

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