David Alan Harvey’s new reprint of Tell it like it is arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. Do people do unboxing videos of books? Probably somewhere…

But if they don’t, they still don’t, since this isn’t a video… just a boring slideshow of an unboxing of a book filled with exceptional photographs of a Virginia family in 1968. Pick up a copy if you can. It’s great.

The printing is exceptional, the paper stock is heavy and not too glossy, and it’s nice and big, about the size of the original printing of The Faith of Graffiti.  Too big for most bookshelves, in other words.

Oh well. It’ll just have to sit out on the coffee table for awhile.

Thanks to Harvey for reprinting this incredible document, and thanks to the Liggins family for letting him into their lives for awhile.

If I keep doing stuff like this—ordering photobooks and shooting the unboxing—maybe I’ll start doing it right and set up a video rig or something, get some proper light on it… A book like this deserves better than I gave it, for sure.

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