One of the luxuries of getting off work early is being able to take walks with my darling, adorable wife in the mid afternoon.

There’s a new housing development going in across the street where we usually go to walk. I’ve shared some pictures from there before, including one of Hana descending a staircase. Well, same staircase, now with actual walls and whatnot.And here’s the contact sheet from a roll of the built-in 400 CC 120. I don’t much like it… I wonder if I can change or delete it?thirty-six roll 7-400 CC 120|13|©JamesECockroft-20150425The fluorescent fuchsia sky bothers me to no end, and I don’t really see a practical use for this particular filter.

No matter… I just won’t use it. Thirty Six is a great, fun app.

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