I have a the privilege of a rather flexible schedule at my job. It’s one of the perks my employer offers to keep employees happy and productive, and it costs them virtually nothing in the way of cash or productivity.

And it’s quite the perk: if employees play their cards right, we can generally avoid traffic coming and going, barring other commitments.

Of course, if you’re going to start work at 5:30 or 6, you have to get up pretty early, and most people don’t really have the desire or discipline to wake up on time (or get to bed early enough to get enough sleep to get up on time), and many have obligations that prevent them from going in that early.

But not me: for one, as a Muslim I get up early for the Fajr prayer anyway, and I was always an earlybird (or mostly). And since I don’t have small children that need to be taken to school, or other similar early morning obligations, I’m pretty much free to go in as early as possible.

Since my darling wife and I married and moved into this big house, it’s been easy to get in at the earliest possible second. But starting this week, that has changed: we moved to a new office. It’s much further away, but that’s good: a longer commute will help me clean the work out of my head before I get home, and the home out of my head before I get to work. But it also means that I’ll have to change my start time to a more reasonable—if still early—6am.

As an homage to the old office, and while I’m learning about the new office and finding new things to shoot, enjoy this selection of recent shots demonstrating just how early I go in.

I’ve been shooting with the 28-105 D to test the focus, and it seems to have more or less fixed itself. The D7000 does seem to hesitate a bit when focusing this lens, so maybe the errors were due to missed focus, rather than something in the lens, but I think more testing will be required.

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