So iOS 6 added panorama photo capability to the iPhone’s built-in camera app back in 2012. I never played with it much: I shot a few disappointing panoramas in west texas, and more recently made a couple for a photobook I’m working on as a gift for my Mother in Law.

It was during that work that I accidentally left the camera on the pano setting, and again accidentally tripped the shutter while walking to the masjid for prayer. *Boom* Something fun to play with.

Here’s one I took from a moving car on the way home one day:


This would be heading westbound on Rochelle from the intersection at Esters Road in Irving. Kasbah is on the left, then the library grounds, the library, and the water tower on the far right.

Note the broken middle section.

There is loads of fun to be had with this, especially when taking shots of things at various distances: start out with something near the close-focus setting of the AF engine, then pass by things at closer distances:


There is all sorts of fun to be had!

iPhone 5, built-in camera app in Pano mode. Limited cropping & processing in Lightroom.

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