So yesterday, I went through the rationale for this project (apologies for the long-windedness of that article), and the first evening of tests. Today, we’ll look at some examples from my first attempts with 35mm color negatives and their foibles.

While hunting through my film archives, I came across a color roll that I didn’t remember. It’s not cut or sleeved, and not wrapped around a cardboard tube like the b/w film from that pro shop that doesn’t handle pro film stocks any longer. I had no immediate recollection of it, and it was only later that I realized where it came from. Yep, it’s was shot and developed over 2 years ago, and I’d never seen the pictures off of it (and still haven’t, for the most part).

I had some early missteps, but with missteps come happy accidents:

At the top of the frame, you can see edge of the holder I created… good times. And except for forgetting to set the white balance on the camera to compensate for the orange mask on the film, I was sure I had it.

Did I have it?

You’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see…


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