OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd this is as close as it gets without any additional aid. The eye isn’t quite in focus, but that’s often what you get when you’re holding the camera at arms length, maybe 2″ away from the subject, trying to follow it on a tiny screen from 2002.

I did pick up a wide angle/macro filter thingy and an adapter that would fit the C-5050, but I haven’t played with it yet. InshaAllah I’ll make some time to work on that soon enough. Of course, that will make it even harder to focus on a specific point…

I’m really very impressed with this little camera. Sure, the files aren’t the biggest, but at 2560×1920, they’re plenty big enough to post on the internets (as of 2014, anyway). The picture above is 750px wide…

Beyond the file size, though, I love how easily acessible everything is: there’s a programmable button I can set to ISO, manual focus is achievable with the up and down buttons on the rear, and the PASM modes are all very easy to use, thanks to a thumb wheel and some well-placed, logical buttons. The C-5050 is really a joy to use.

Olympus C-5050, in super macro mode. ISO64, AP mode, f/2.6. Finished in Lightroom 5.

Oh… and I forgot. Here’s the RAW file if you’re interested.

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