Blast from the Past, part 3

Continuing on with the Blast from the Past series…

I found an outtake from the series from which I shared a PictureShow-edited shot back in July, 2011 and ran it through Lightroom 5.

Which one do you like better, and why?


iPhone 4. Shot in July 2011, edited in Lightroom 5, March 2014.

InshaAllah I’ll make more time to shoot this coming week: it’s much easier to edit/share current work than to find shots worth editing from the archives.

I’ll tell you which I prefer: this one, because the color is less garish, thanks, in part, to my current aesthetic preferences, and in part to working with color-calibrated monitor and prosumer image editing tools, rather than ticking presets in an iPhone app. But what do I know: I’m just the artist…

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