D7000. mamiya/sekor 50mm f/2. ISO100, 1/250th, f/4, -2EV (not sure if that matters or not…), pop-up flash in manual mode at 1/80th.

Last week was very busy… Hana, her sons, and I moved into her lovely house, and you all know what fun moving is (actually, it’s very fun for me, if a bit tiring). I did take a few days off work, which helped, but sadly had not much time to shoot. Thankfully, I grabbed few quick shots of the Snapdragon and Delphinium arrangement I arranged for Hana on hour 6 month anniversary. Not much more to say, or, rather, whole loads more to say, but I need to set up Wednesday’s post and get back to setting up the office and do thee last bit of unpacking. Woo!

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