Due to business, this was shot (and this post was created) about 10 days ago, and—as noted last week—processed with Lightroom and the mbp instead of darktable and the 1015px. I’m wondering if I really have time enough to be trying to switch to Linux, or if I have the time, if there are things I could be doing instead, like maybe studying the Quran or cuddling my darling wife, or reading some theory, or napping (which is what I’d love to be doing now, as a matter of fact…)

Also rattling around: this Macro Monday/Black & Wednesday/Phoneography Friday is a bit limiting… if I shoot a nice series of cloud pictures with the D7000, and don’t want to convert them to B/W, my only real option is to send them to the phone… So Macro Monday might become a bi-weekly project, or maybe I’ll just do more occasional posts with other subjects. <– something to ponder, for sure.

d7000. Vivitar 70-210mm f/3.5, in close focus mode. ISO800, AP mode, f/3.5. Processed in no time at all in Lightroom 5 on the mbp.


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