Oh so very busy this week. I intended to shoot the bulk of the 7/52 at the State Fair photowalk with one of the MeetUp groups I’ve been to busy to meet up with for months, but I worked from home for 12 hours instead.

Thankfully, I played around with the Hueless app for 4 or 5 minutes one morning while Hana was getting ready for work, and, equally thankfully, I saw some groovy afternoon light and exploited it yesterday afternoon, otherwise I’d have one picture to show. As it is, there’s only one duplicated scene, and the light is sufficiently different, I think.

Now, back to work! Yay.

iPhone 5, Hueless app. D7000, 50mm f/1.8 G. Minimal cropping/contast adjustments to a couple. EXIF is in the lightbox, if you’re interested.

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