Another week, another struggle to find a theme.

On Monday, I was hard at work when I heard some commotion behind me. I turned, saw one coworker talking to another, and decided the scene might make a good subject for a square-cropped image, what with all the lines and angles created by the cubicles, the ceiling tiles, the window frames, and miniblinds.

So out came the phone, unlock went the screen, launch went the Hipstamatic, and I snapped a pic with whatever lens/film combo happened to be loaded at the time.

As I am a committed employee, I immediately turned and went back to work without even checking to see how the picture turned out.*

Some time later, a thought flashed through my head: “just use Hipstamatic and one lens/film combo for the whole week. Shoot a variety of scenes, and see what you can learn.” Ok… so One Camera; One Lens.

Or, in this case, One Camera (app); One Lens(/Film filter combo).

So what did I learn? To be honest, not a huge amount. I like this filter combo, and already knew that, as it’s in my favorites. I was a bit surprised at how well it handled warm tones, given the general cool cast the combo imparts. But beyond that, I expect I didn’t concentrate enough, or keep notes, or really study what I was doing to learn much of anything. Shame on me, I guess.


iPhone 5. Hipstamatic. Wonder lens. W40 film. No postprocessing beyond downloading to the computer, kewording, exporting at ~1/2 size (probably closer to 1/3), and uploading.

And if you look close, you’ll notice I included a special treat! Due to the hour and my level of alertness, I was unable to edit down to 7 pics, so you get an extra! Aren’t you lucky…

*needless to say, it was not worth sharing.

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