Note to self: don’t attempt unfinished ideas after working a 10 hour shift unless you already have a safety shot, or are not under pressure to produce a picture.

I had an idea for the faucet challenge and spent my prime after-work shooting time setting up and failing (miserably, I might add) to capture the not-fully-formed idea…

Luckily, I shot this earlier in the day in preparation for my short DayOne entry. (In addition to the RantBook(tm), I keep a condensed and iPhoneography-illustrated version in the DayOne app. It’s got a nice UI, and has gotten me back into the habit of making pictures—usually throwaways—with the iPhone every day.)

There’s something I like about this, but I’m not sure what it is. The bright spot in lower left ruins the otherwise meh composition, and there’s not enough separation between the foreground bits of grocery/lunch sack and its background bits, but I still like it, sorta.

iPhone 4. Built-in Camera app in HDR mode. (ISO80, f/2.8, 1/15th, all auto). 2 resulting images combined and tweaked slightly in TrueHDR app. Cropped, further tweaked, vignetted, and a Chris Marquardt-inspired b/w-converted-to-luminance-layer added in FilterStorm. Dust/lens filth cleaned up in Aperture.

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