Well, today was the last day to wake up in the Arkansas mountains for awhile. I woke up early, finished packing, sipped coffee for awhile, said goodbye to Momma, and headed back home just as the sun crested the horizon.

The first hour or so of the drive was beautiful, and I snapped about 150 pictures—out the window, mostly while speeding through the winding mountain roads at largely reckless rates of speed—between Eureka Springs and Clifty.

If I was a different sort of person, I would’ve stopped to shoot the fog burning off of the valleys, or the mist rising off of the rivers.

But I’m James, and once I get started on a drive, I’m loathe to stop.

I thought about it a few times, though.

These two were shot within minutes of one another. The outtake is maybe 1/4 mile west of the 365 picture, and actually came first.

On the one hand, it’s good to be ‘home’ again. On the other hand, I’m back here again, with all that entails.

Rather than go into all that, let’s just enjoy these pictures, shall we?

D7000. Sigma 30mm f/1.4. ISO100, 1/3200th (365 pic)/1/500th (outtake) (both in AP mode), f/1.4, -1EV. Both received about 6 minutes of slider play in Aperture, and the outtake got an extra 10 minutes of cloning out power lines (btw: my favorite thing ever).

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  1. This is awesome! I will be looking for the barn on my way out of town in the morning…