I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow, and have loads of stuff to do before then, so I’m tossing in an easy abstract picture today. I feel no shame about this whatsoever, as even this tossed off one is rather pretty, methinks.

I’d like to give this a title having to do with Sheeana or the Ghola Teg or Murbella or the transformation of Chapterhouse or something like that, but nothing really comes to mind, so…

I’m not sure what my interwebs access will be like over the next few days: if I can post, I will; if not, trust that I’ll be shooting away in the mountains of northwestern Arkansas, and trying to relax some.

Good times.

D7000. Vivitar 50mm f/1.8, reversed. ISO100, 1/60th (AP mode), f/1.8. About 2 minutes of processing in Aperture, mostly tuning the Sepia toning to get this almost platinum effect.

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