Move along. There’s not much worth seeing here. I had a rather severe attack of social anxiety and totally lost the will to shoot. Most of the pixels were tortured within an inch of their 1’s and 0’s to get even this poor showing.

I guess there may be a bit of beauty here, and perhaps even a laugh awaits (apologies to +Michael Wayne Walker, the fearless leader of our walk), but I’m rather disappointed with my efforts today.

Misters +Scott Kelby, +Matt Kloskowski and +RC Concepcion  would castigate me for presenting such drivel, were it sent as a portfolio to The Grid for review, and RC has been very vocal about his objections to looking at people’s 365 projects and collections of photos of this type (bad schlock by rank amateurs—not his words:I’m paraphrasing), so it’s a good thing I’ve already prefaced this with a warning, and have little interest in passing on any of these to The Grid.

And, by the way, remind me that I owe RC a jumping jack photo…

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