Sometimes, the only way to begin is to walk away.

I hoped to have a happier beginning beginning this week, but it didn’t begin, it ended, and it ended before it even properly began.

I’m not particularly bothered about this particular state of affairs: I was not long invested in the project, and I found I was still capable of something, even after 7 years of total, willful, and absolute neglect. But there it was, despite my every attempt to keep it locked away in its box, and I think I was actually better in some ways, if exactly the same slightly mildewed in others.

So here I am, one last look back, showing some regret or disappointment, perhaps, and some longing (I hope), before I begin again from the beginning.

D7000. Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G. ISO100, 1/160th, f/1.8. SB-700, with its diffusion panel in place, at 1/128th power, fired into a shoot-through at camera left and triggered via a pair of Cactus v5 triggers; car windshield reflector, handheld, lower camera right. About 4 minutes of processing, mostly to minimize my jowls and double chin as much as possible (I could’ve done more, but didn’t care to).


Note: over on G+, I’m involved with the Weekly Photography Challenge. This week’s theme is ‘beginnings,’ hence the title and story, all of which is true, but not entirely: I left a bunch out, obviously.

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  1. I am glad you had the courage to think about trying. I am sorry it didn't really begin. There is something poignant about almosts that exceeds other kinds of sadness.