I did a bunch of processing on this, but like the original better.

There were sharper shots made of this pair of ________s (I know nothing about whatever these things are) made today, but none of them captured the melancholia I’m feeling in quite the same way as this one.

I don’t mind that the bugs are a bit soft, that the picture is underexposed, that the dynamic range isn’t all it could be.

I’m glad that I managed to take myself for a walk for the third day in a row. And I’m thankful I managed to click the shutter, because this is one of those days worth giving up on.

Something must be off in my diet or sleep schedule, but I don’t know what it could be. Maybe it’s the dreary day. Maybe its something else too personal to mention in this forum. I hope I can get back to even fairly soon, though, ’cause I’ve been bouncing back and forth for days and it’s wearing me out.

D7000. Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 Zomb-E Series. ISO100, 1/125th (APmode), f/3.5, -1EV. A slight crop to remove some dead space on the left and top edge. Otherwise, this is straight out of Aperture’s RAW processing.

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