Yesterday, on the way to the wake, I dropped into a JoAnn’s and picked up two yards of black stretch-velvet to serve as a cheap backdrop. FYI: it wasn’t particularly cheap at $14.99/yard, but it makes a better backdrop than the one yard of cheap woven cotton I had before: just look at how black that background is!
Unfortunately, I was still unable to capture the shot I have in my head, or come up with anything worth capturing.

Fortunately, I got this one, which is interesting, sorta, and may serve to spark some ideas. Maybe.

Two things: 1) this is what you get when you let the D7000 focus the 50mm 1.8G in the dark; 2) I finally have a good reason to think about picking up a second flash, since I really need some more light on the right side of the frame, and my windshield reflector really doesn’t cut it.

Good times, mostly.

D7000. Nikkor 50mm 1.8G. ISO100, 4 seconds, f/8. SB-700, with its diffusion panel in place, at 1/16th, bare on a pole at hard camera left, triggered 3 or 4 times via a pair of Cactus v5 triggers. Virtually no post processing.

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